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Who is this website for?

This website is not the typical “Quick guide to riches…” or “I quit my job for trading and enjoy endless world travel and fun guide…”, you’ve been bombarded with daily by popular and not so famous self-proclaimed trading gurus. 

This website is for the ones who are approaching trading as a serious business opportunity to make money. Similar to any other business venture, you have to put a lot of hard work in the beginning and take measured risks if you want to be successful.

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How will this website help you succeed in trading?

The topics covered in this website can be beneficial for both novice and experienced traders. While the main topic is automated trading, many of the steps and the methods in the process of systematic trading can help manual traders to improve their performance by having a more structured approach to their trading.

Introduction to systematic trading

What is a trading system?

A trading system can be simply described as a set of rules that define the entry and exit conditions to go in and out of the market.  Read more >>

Which is the best trading system?

The best trading system is the one which makes adequate returns on the invested capital, given the constraints imposed by the risk profile of the investor, its scale-ability and capacity limitations. Read More >>

How does a trading system look like?

Every trading system needs to have three predefined components – a trading signal, an entry rule and an exit rule. Read more >>

Which is the best approach for systematic trading beginners?

The best approach for systematic trading beginners is to focus on trading systems based on historical price movements. In this approach the trading system is based on technical analysis and relies on technical indicators for its rules and conditions. Read more >>

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