Daily DAX Trading system based on OHLC bars and Moving average

This daily trading system for DAX (also known as Germany 30, Ger30 and GDAX) is based on OHLC bars and Moving average. It is not very dynamic and is very simple to follow. As a result, it can be used by traders who prefer less action and don’t want to follow the market during the day.

This trading system for DAX is based on following the Daily bars and a Simple Moving Average. It is a low activity trading system. As such it can be followed on a daily basis. It is suitable for casual traders, who don’t want to or simply don’t have the time to follow the markets during the day. Once you enter into a position, you keep it open for at least a day. On average a position is held for more than 4 days.

Dax OHLC MA Daily

Trading system setup

Chart time frame: D1

Trading instruments: DAX (Germany 30,Ger30, GDAX)


  • Simple Moving Average
  • OHLC Bars

Trading system rules

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Trading system performance

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