Live trading

By now you should have your trading systems, bundled in a portfolio ready. You should have chosen a broker (or several brokers), opened an account and deposited the capital you set aside for trading. It is now time to go live with your trading setup.

Trading platform setup

The first thing you should do is install the trading platform of your choice. We recommend you either use a trading VPS or a separate PC which you will use only for trading. Depending on the trading options there might be a possibility to run your systems in the cloud. We wouldn’t get into too many details about this at this time, so it is up to you to research the options.

If you decide to use your own PC, then you should make sure you have an emergency power source (UPS, extra battery) and two stable internet lines (fixed or mobile). You wouldn’t want your trading systems to be disconnected while trading. This PC should be used only for trading in order to avoid unexpected situations that might drain the resources, crash the trading platform or your whole operating system. You should disable automatic updates of your operating system and postpone them for the weekends.

Once you have the trading platform up and running you should proceed with installing all the necessary indicators and scripts required by your trading systems. In the end, you should install your trading systems and check if all the settings are set according to your design and backtest results.

We advise you to set up everything during the week, but always start your trading with the market open on Monday. This way you will have consistent and measurable results that you can use to compare with your back-tests.

Live trading test

When you have everything ready you should go ahead with a live trading test. If you are just starting with automated trading, we advise you to trade with the minimum allowed lots in the first couple of weeks until you see everything is running properly and according to your plan and expectations.

Once you are confident that the trading systems are working as expected, you should start increasing the lots according to your money management.

During the week you should monitor if your trading systems are working properly but avoid any manual interventions.