Simple GBPUSD Trading system based on Moving average and RSI

This is a simple Forex trading system for trading GBPUSD. It is a variety of the Simple EURUSD traing system. However in some aspects it gives even better results.

This trading system works very well on GBPUSD. It is very simple – you use four-hour bars and follow only two indicators – Simple Moving Average and RSI. As a result, you can easily squeeze it into your daily routine. It is very similar to the EURUSD system, but it gives even better results.

The trading system is best performing well in both ranging and trending markets with moderate volatility. The entry rules are based on a Simple Moving Average and RSI indicators. The exit rules are based on bars.

Trading system setup

Trading system identifier: GBPUSD

Chart time frame: H4

Trading instruments: GBPUSD


  • Simple Moving Average
  • RSI

Trading system rules

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Trading system performance

Simple GBPUSD Trading System Performance
Balance Curve
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