What is systematic trading?

Systematic trading, algorithmic trading, trading strategy, trading system, trading model, mechanical trading system, automated trading system… If you are interested in online trading on the financial markets, for sure you’ve heard at least one of those terms. What all of them have in common is that they rely on a systematic approach to trading.

Systematic trading is a methodology for trading on the financial markets, based on a system of predefined rules

There is no single approach to systematic trading. Some trading systems are manual, while others are partially or fully automated. Trading systems based on technical analysis are most common, but there are systematic traders who use fundamental data or quantitative analysis for their trading signals.

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The Systematic Trading Process

Trading system development

The systematic trading process starts with an idea about a trading system. The trading system should have rules that define the entry and exit conditions to go in and out of the market.

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Trading system evaluation

The second step of the process is to run a backtest of your trading system and see how did it perform with historical data. 

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Trading system optimization

During the optimization stage you are running additional backtest simulations in order to find the best set parameters for your trading system. 

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Trading systems portfolio construction

In this step of you will learn how to create a portfolio of trading systems and benefit from diversification. 

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Money Management

Money management is the process of managing your trading capital. In this step you will learn how to set profit targets and quantify risk. 

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Go live!

Live trading

By this stage you should have several trading systems, bundled in a portfolio that are ready to go live. You should have also clear targets and set aside capital for trading. In this step you will learn how to prepare for live trading.

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Evaluation of trading results

You have gone through all the steps in the systematic trading process and finally have your systems trading. Is it time to open up a beer and head to the beach… Well… not quite yet. Before you get there you should make sure that your trading systems are behaving as expected.

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Start over

You have reached the end of the systematic trading process! Pat yourself on the shoulder. Enjoy how your trading systems do the hard work and trade 24/5 for you. 

It is time to roll up your sleeves and design the next trading system for your portfolio!

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